Chimney Cleaning / Chimney Sweeping Long Island

chimney_sweepWhether you use your chimney or not, there are a great deal of health, safety, and functioning benefits to providing regular chimney cleaning to your home. At Pro-Tech, our expert professionals are here to provide you with the information you need to know about your home’s heating and how you can prevent hazards. For your protection we are a licensed and insured chimney company on Long Island. Get a free estimate on any Suffolk and Nassau County chimney cleaning and repairs.

Regular chimney cleaning or chimney sweeping is one of the most recommended services we provide. As a Long Island chimney sweeping company, it is our duty to ensure the safety of our clients, residential neighborhoods, and greater community. Chimney cleaning is something that your home needs in order to provide efficiency and safety on Long Island. We provide chimney sweep in Suffolk and Nassau County.

The chimney cleaning services we provide include:

Removal of hazardous or combustible creosote
Elimination of accumulated soot from coal and oil systems
Ridding your chimneys of trapped animals, birds, nests, leaves, etc.
High-powered vacuuming to clean your system
Fire prevention maintenance

At Pro-Tech Chimney, our team is backed by some of the most innovative technology needed to provide optimal cleaning for your chimney. Pro-Tech recommends that you have your chimney swept routinely, because you can never take too many precautions when it comes to the safety of your family and your home. We abide by all of the local and national codes to guarantee that your home is safe, that your chimney is clean, and that you can rest assured while using it as you wish.